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P & C

Our next meeting is Tuesday 1st November at 7:00 pm.


Inviting ALL Parents and Carers to attend P&C meetings for 2022 

As a school community, we can benefit and thrive from parent/carer(s) participation and support. A good way of supporting children at the school is by being part of our P&C. Parent/Carer(s) participate at whatever level they are comfortable with, depending on work and other commitments.

Our P&C is made up of parent/carer(s) and Executive staff, who meet once or twice a school term via the Teams app. The P&C and the school work closely together to provide support for the school in the form of consultations with regards to any school issues, improving school facilities, fundraising and more. If you’re able to attend our online meetings and offer any kind of help please send your email address using the link below, to be added to the team app for meetings.